Holi Happiness: Celebrate the Festival of Colors with Chokhi Dhani Kalagram

Holi Happiness: Celebrate the Festival of Colors with Chokhi Dhani Kalagram

Mar 23 , 2024

Holi - The Festival of Colors 

India, a land of rich cultural heritage, diverse ethnicity, and vibrancy of life, is a country known for its festivals and the way people celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm. All around the year, people from different regions across the country celebrate festivals around the year, and among the most prominent celebrations is the festival of Holi, an extravaganza of colors and happiness. 

Dive Into the History of the Festival 

Holi 2024 is here, and we couldn't be more excited to discuss the origin of this festival. The legend of Bhakt Prahlad tells us that Holi is widely celebrated across the country to commemorate the victory of good over evil, and in most parts of the country, it is celebrated to welcome the spring season in the most exhilarating way. 

Holi - The Celebration of Togetherness

Holi is a two-day festivity starting with the Holika Dahan Pooja, wherein people worship around the huge bone fires symbolically representing Holika, exchange sweets and gifts, pray, and seek blessings from elders. On the second day of Holi, the streets are filled with joy as people enjoy splashes of gulaal, water balloons, and pichkari, meet families and friends, relish delicacies, and exchange gifts. 

People from all walks of life celebrate holi. The young and old gather together to play with colours, coloured water, flowers, sing and dance to the tunes of cultural songs, and whatnot!

Do This and Add to the Spirits of the Holi Festival This Year!

When we say we have the most interesting idea for you to plan a Holi Party at home, we really mean it. To make it more festive for you, spilling the beans for you -

  • A few days before the festival, shop for colours, and pichkaris as this is the best time to explore the options and get the best ones. These days, organic colours are ruling the market, so consider this option for a safer, and better celebration. When it comes to gulaal, fill your carts with bright reds and pinks, blues and greens, the most unique pichkaris, colourful water balloons, etc.

  • Begin by preparing special Holi delicacies, including Gujiya, Farsan, Thandai, and sweets, 2-3 days before the festival starts. Nothing feels better than relishing some home cooked delicacies. On the day of Holi, plan to prepare delicacies that can be instantly prepared, like Papdi Chaat, Dahi Puri, Bhelpuri, etc. for these are easy to prepare, easy to serve, and super appetising.

  • Decorate your spaces with the best of ethnic decor that resonates well with the spirits of the Holi Festival. Festivals are a great time to add to the beauty of your temples, and you can do this with Hanuman Idol or add a Ladoo Gopal ka jhula to give your Kanha Ji special something this festive season. Place a Tirupati Balaji Murti in your living room for positive vibes and Saraswati Murti near the study desk of kids.. Add to the divinity of your working spaces with Laxmi Murti in the cabinet.

  • If you are expecting guests or visiting family and friends to celebrate the festival, consider buying gifts–not just any randomly picked gift but thoughtfully planned gifts. Chokhi Dhani Kalagram comes to your aid with an extensive selection of handcrafted gifts from their artisans. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to add to the spirit of Indian festivities. For instance, you can pick the Riddhi Siddhi Ganesh Murti for the elderly, wooden toys for the younger ones, and a collection of Rajasthani Handbags for the youngsters. Indian Handicrafts make for an amazing option to celebrate festivals. Wrap these gifts in colorful papers, and we are sure the recipients are going to love them.

  • On the day of playing Holi with colours, arrange heaps of colours and flowers on beautiful plates and use colourful pom pom bandarwars to create a Holi-centric space.

  • Plan games for your guests. It could be using inflatable water pools for kids, tambola or other board games, playing cards, etc. for adults, or just old school games like kho kho, I spy, etc. 

We hope that these tips help you celebrate the festival of colours in the best way possible.

Chokhi Dhani Kalagram - Your Companion in Celebrating

Talk about festivals–that too, Holi and not discuss decor and gifts–well that's quite not possible. Amidst the modern day hustle of busy life, festivals like Holi serve as a way to reconnect with the roots and rediscover the little joys of life, like decorating your spaces, thoughtfully picking gifts for near and dear ones, preparing delicacies, and taking a break.

It is a tradition in Indian culture to celebrate festivals with the arms wide open to welcome loved ones. Festivals are more like a chance to reunite with family and friends and enjoy the togetherness. 

Since Indian festivals are celebrated based on Tithis from Hindu Calendar, Holi is celebrated while the transition period from winters to summers is going on in most parts of the country. This gives people an opportunity to revamp and redecorate their spaces in more vibrant and summery patterns with their choice of Home Décor Items. 

Kalagram by the renowned hospitality group Chokhi Dhani brings on board the essence of Indian culture through its widest collection of handcrafted goods created by traditional artisans. Each piece is a testament to the rich history that our culture beholds. 

Kalagram’s collection of Home Furnishings has the most beautiful and colourful pillow covers, duvet covers, bed sheets, blankets that are crafted using the traditional techniques of art like Kantha work, applique work, and silk embroidery. They use the finest quality of cloth for the utmost comfort. The home furnishings collection is sure to add a blissful look to your home during the festival of Holi 2024. 

If you are fond of Jaipuri Jutis, Silver Jewellery or chic and boho bags, you will find the widest variety as you explore their accessory collection. 

From the religious range of products to the colourful home decor pieces, Kalagram has it all to have you sorted for the festival. 

As the Holi holiday comes to an end and the sun sets, leaving behind a charismatic sky painted in hues of orange and pink, know that you have experienced a Holi celebration like no other. With Chokhi Dhani Kalagram as your partner in selecting the best home dĂ©cor items as well as gifts for loved ones, Holi becomes more than just a festival—it becomes a journey of the spirit, a celebration of life itself.

Celebrate Holi 2024 and explore Chokhi Dhani Kalagram to get the best from a treasure trove of goods handcrafted with love!