Kalagram: A Journal of Art & Handicraft

Kalagram: A Journal of Art & Handicraft

Feb 19 , 2020

It’s a home of art, trading smiles of artisans who put in the best of their minds and hearts into crafting handicrafts found nowhere else but here Kalagram is a raw setting carrying a rustic charm and Rajasthan’s heritage. The locale never grows old as the artists here continue to emit the young, colorful and traditional vibe in their masterpieces. What makes Kalagram a unique space is the production of raw and unfiltered handicrafts of all sorts, untouched by the false perfection of machines. Explorers from various parts of the world flock in this space of creativity to understand the true essence of culture and imagination.

Rediscover Incredible India at Kalagram!

We are certain about you all being proud of the diverse showcase of handicrafts as much as we are. Witness the unconventional making of conventional goods and products being used everywhere. Let your home, workspace, and closet be filled with handcrafted designs!

Our aim is to ‘potter’ away from the stigma of quality concerns tagged along with the production of handicrafts. Piece by piece we create designs and vivid options for people to pick and choose as widely as they can think of! That’s where the beauty of choosing lies, the masterpieces are so alluring and sharply defined that they for obvious reasons do not fail to stand out from the ‘un-handcrafted’!

The products are produced not in tons but with tons of hard handwork and emotions of craftsmen and artisans. 

Rajasthani Handicrafts are an expression of flawless art and very edgy as they carry a natural charm and also preserve nature. Inspired by the medieval era workers of art in Kalagram prefer to do it, the old way and believe that in order to create products of daily utility, nature does not have to suffer. Another beautiful story of handicrafts says, that the creator of it, himself cannot create another like it.   In simpler words, this statement states that each art piece or handicraft is so unique that a replica of it cannot be re-created even by the hands who created it in the first place. Needless to say, Jaipur made handicrafts, all jingle with zeal however, something about Kalagram takes an explorer into a whole new world of handmade goodies!

Maybe it’s that innocent trail of raw dust left behind by the various art pieces. We all love the machine defined perfection of products, don’t we? Well only if you saw the mass of it all you’d wonder about the intrinsic value which lacks in each piece lying in bulk. On the other hand, handicrafts are spun, woven and crafted not with the sole purpose of trading but also are a symbol of pride for the craftsman who puts in all the effort to produce such a piece of art.

Why do we pick up handicrafts just to rotate as souvenirs and not pick them to embed them in our daily lives?

Imagine the state of the state today, our homes have one or two handicrafts stuffed in the showcase! It’s important to understand that handicrafts are not just showpieces but also goods crafted by hands to meet almost all your daily needs. Right from clothing, accessories, decor to shoes everything is produced under one roof of Kalagram!

Some ventures exist not for minting profit but simply to preserve something. Kalagram a majestic venture of the Chokhi Dhani Group, aims to preserve our heritage. India is known as the land of boundless art, colors, and craft. At Kalagram, every artisan and craftsman work with one motive and that is to carry forward the rich legacy of the past, which remains in the form of handicrafts of then now being recreated to make space and blend with the urban settings.

कला को घर देता है कलाग्राम 

Every dawn lights up the passion to create and to keep creating till the sun of age sets

For generations, the art of handicraft continues to live and is pursued by numerous artisans and craftsmen worldwide. Kalagram invites you to walk through its village themed setting away from the city lights, get immersed in the world of raw and pure art. Meet the superheroes of Kalagram who gave up on the norm filled society to explore creativity and are now being preserved by the Chokhi Dhani Group. These are people who make us and have a huge contribution in helping us create a setting that carries forward the legacy of Indian culture and richness of heritage.