Kalart at Kalagram – Handicraft Adobe

Kalart at Kalagram – Handicraft Adobe

Mar 20 , 2020

Indian handicrafts offer traditional value and pursuit of creativity- it works as a concept of livelihood and art to take the traditional reflections worldwide. As its existence can be tracked for decades and centuries, it often results in skill transfer to various generations that take their art and culture forward through the progressive learnings from their lineages. The detailed study on handicrafts gives insights on artisans and consumers focusing on the utility of their works whether it is perceived as a source of livelihood or just an element of leisure or luxury for the consumers. The perceived value is generated more through handmade articles and crafts which really reflects the artwork and hard work of the artisans. As it is being rightly said, The magnificence of handicrafts lies in the heart and blood of artisans. 

Handicrafts of Rajasthan: Reflecting the Real Essence of Art & Heritage

The handicrafts refer to the objects or ornaments crafted through the hands of artisans. It is such a skill that is still evolving through simple tools without integrating technological aspects into the process. This is what really adds value and effort to the ecosystem of our tradition and culture. Most of the handicrafts and artworks are inspired by the local traditions of the regions which depict their hidden stories and cultures which could only be fantasized by the progressive urban beings. It also uses elements and materials that have originated in those specific regions or traditions like- tarakott can be traced back to Indus valley civilization while jute handicrafts originate from jute producing regions like- Bihar and Assam. The traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan include mojari, jutis, Sanganeri prints, carpets, etc.

Kalagram Offers Sustainable Innovation & Lifestyle

The handicrafts can be considered as mankind’s most primal activity as it plays an active role in the progress of our nation by contributing to a sustainable economy and innovation in various ways. The handicrafts have their own place in the lifestyle of people as it tends to reflect adornments in urban life while people living in rural areas generate their income and livelihood through handicrafts. As these handicraft work are evolving through generations, it still needs to occupy the importance in the fair revenue generation for the artisans and workers. The people of the country and tourists can play a great role in pushing this ecosystem by promoting handicraft items. They can also develop a habit of buying handicrafts whenever they visit different places of the country which can also act as a souvenir of a particular place for them. In such a digital age, consumers can also choose to buy Handicrafts items online. The Kalagram aims to promote sustainable livelihood for the artisans who put their hard work in the creation of these artistic articles

The Revival of Sustainable Art: Giving Life to Communities & Culture

Handicrafts can help in terms of supporting the communities and culture at the grass-root level. It can also help in giving a new identity to cultures which are now gradually disappearing with time due to growing industrialization in the economy. The handicraft needs to be promoted well to give life to communities and cultures working on it.

Handicraft items hold real importance as it occupies a significant place in history and culture. It also gives the opportunity to artisans to not only earn livelihood but to promote their rare art and culture through these handicrafts. Kalagram adopts various methodologies to ensure that the handicrafts become a part of the mainstream economy to empower artisans.

Giving Life to Handicrafts: Essential Items & Purposes

Handicrafts for Festivals & Wedding Gifts

The handicraft items can be used for various purposes inclusive of weddings and Indian festivals. The people can buy the best handicraft gifts for sharing happiness and kindness in a variety of Indian festivals such as- Diwali, Holi, New Year, etc. The Indian culture of gifting items can be really fulfilled through the promotion of handicraft items. It also includes a wide range of items that can be used as a wedding gift for couples in wedding ceremonies.

Jute Handicraft Products: Environment-Friendly Beauty

The jute handicraft is a quintessential art form that can be used as decorative items and gifts in your home and offices. It not only can be used for enhancing interiors but the various products such as jute bags, jewelry and baskets can really be useful for daily use. The jute is completely natural and environment-friendly.

Wooden Handicraft Items: Reflecting Ethnic Artwork

The wooden is a widely used material in the manufacturing and carving of handicraft gifts and items. It reflects the real essence of ethnic artwork which is carved beautifully on wooden elements. It includes wooden decorative items, kitchen utensils, religious items, etc. The wooden handicraft items can be a good idea for gifting purposes. In terms of cost as well, it is available at quite affordable prices.

Brass Handicrafts for Decorative Purposes

The brass is a perfect element offering design and artistic essence to handicrafts items. It consists of polished and antique items that can be used for a variety of decorative purposes. Some of the handicraft items made up of brass are- wind chimes, ashtrays, bowls, kitchen utensils, animal art & elements, brass furniture, etc.

Kalagram: Perfect Place to Buy Rajasthani Gift Items Online

The land of Rajasthan drives the inspiration of art and culture from its heritage. The Kalagram offers you a variety of handicraft products and items which you can buy for a variety of purposes. As an inspiration to facilitate livelihood, it offers a dedicated online retail store to sell Rajasthani gift items and handicrafts online.