Embrace Divine Serenity - The Antique Wall Hanging Plate from Om with Cut Nepal Stone

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Chokhi Dhani Kalagram

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Antique Wall Hanging Plate


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The aged appearance of the plate adds a vintage touch, while the Nepal Stone enhances its beauty with its mesmerizing patterns and colours. Each plate is uniquely handcrafted, ensuring you receive a truly unique piece. Hang this exquisite Om Wall Plate on any wall in your home and instantly elevate the room's ambience.
Whether it is your meditation room, bedroom, living room, or any other place, this wall hanging plate releases spiritual connection, tranquility, and peace. Allow its existence to produce an appealing and quiet environment that reverberates with you and your visitors.
In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Om Wall Hanging Plate is believed to bring blessings, protection, and positive energy to your home. The sacred Om symbol is a powerful mantra, and having it displayed on your wall is a constant reminder of the spiritual journey and the divine presence in your life.
Are you searching for a meaningful gift that touches the heart? This Om Wall Hanging Plate is a thoughtful and cherished present for your family and friends. Whether for a housewarming, birthday, wedding, or any special occasion, this wall-hanging plate expresses your love and good wishes uniquely and profoundly.
Care for it daily to make the most of your Antique Wall Hanging Plate and ensure its longevity. Use a sturdy hook or nail to mount the plate on your wall securely. Ensure it is placed in a visible and elevated position to highlight its beauty. Dust the plate occasionally using a soft, dry cloth to maintain its shine and prevent any accumulation of dirt. Place the plate away from direct sunlight to preserve its colours and avoid fading.
This Om Wall Hanging Plate with cut Nepal Stone is a divine expression of artistry and spirituality, serving as a captivating addition to your home decor. Embrace the profound symbolism of Om and let this wall hanging bring harmony and positive energy into your living space. Whether as a personal treasure or a thoughtful gift, this Antique Wall Hanging Plate will leave a lasting impression and become a cherished part of your home. Let the sacred Om symbol bless and protect your home. Discover more enchanting wall hangings and unique decor pieces.

Cleaning Instructions

Daily dust the wall hanging plate using a lint-free soft fabric to clean dust particles. You can also use a mild soap with water for proper cleaning. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the plate gently, ensuring not to scrub vigorously to protect the brass and the Nepal stones. Please refrain from using harsh scrubbers or abrasive cleaning materials, as they may scratch the brass surface or dislodge the Nepal stones. After cleaning, dry the plate thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and maintain its inherent radiance. To restore the plate's brilliance, use a brass cleaner or a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Apply the polish with a soft cloth and gently buff the surface to achieve a divine shine.


The handcrafted nature of the product may result in slight variations in the design, colour, and placement of the cut Nepal stones, making each plate a unique piece of art. This wall-hanging plate is intended for decorative purposes and should be handled carefully, avoiding heavy objects or items that may damage it. The Om symbol on the plate holds spiritual significance and should be treated with respect and reverence. To preserve the integrity of the brass and the Nepal stones, avoid exposing the plate to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.

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