Mystical Fusion: Antique Brass Surahi or Aftaba with Exquisite Nepal Stone Cuts

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Chokhi Dhani Kalagram

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Antique Brass Aftaba


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The artisanal engravings on the copper surface exquisitely portray scenes from the holy Ganges, seizing the spirit of peace and divinity. You cannot ignore the charm of vintage artifacts, especially for an Aftab. The sense of connection and nostalgia to an olden era that the Antique Brass Aftaba with Nepal Stones induces is unmatched. Such an item lets you become a keeper of heritage and a history curator.
While this product reveals its roots in historic Indian tradition, it flawlessly combines into modern settings. Its everlasting design makes it a handy addition to any house, an artistic studio, or a luxurious mansion. This flexibility ensures that the Futaba stays appropriate in the contemporary world while sustaining its antique charm.
Behind every splendid Aftab lies the skill and devotion of talented artisans. These talented craftsmen pour their energy into making each exclusive piece, carefully engraving the designs and ensuring every element is perfect. The craftsmanship and creativity in creating these aftabas are proof of the rich traditional heritage they symbolize.
These pitchers were utilized to keep fragrant water, usually rosewater, sprinkled on visitors as a warm gesture. Throughout the years, aftabas transformed from primary utilitarian vessels to complex pieces of art that festooned wealthy households and regal palaces.
The Futaba has played a crucial role in different cultural and religious ceremonies in India. It's a usual view in Hindu rituals, where the sacred water kept in the Aftab is used to purify and sanctify people and spaces. The existence of the Antique Brass Aftaba with Nepal Stones improves the holiness of such rituals, adding an aura of admiration and grace.
Having an Antique Brass Aftaba with Nepal Stones is not only an attainment but a speculation in an inheritance. This incredible artifact becomes an esteemed family heirloom, weaving stories of the histories with dreams of the future. Its charm and eternal appeal ensure it will stay a referred centerpiece for many years. Bringing a Large Vintage Indian Scented Water Holder with Nepal Stones into your house is an incitement to sophistication and elegance. Its presence radiates royal charm, whether showcased as a table centerpiece or a mantle. This artifact's combination of modernity and tradition ensures that it matches any interior design theme with beauty and grace.

Cleaning Instructions

To preserve the enchanting allure of the Antique Brass Aftaba, hand washes it using mild dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that may damage delicate brass and intricate Nepal stone cuts. Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently clean the brass surface, and the Nepal stone cuts. Gently wipe the aftaba to remove any stains or residue, taking extra care around the stone cuts. Refrain from soaking the aftaba in water or any cleaning solution for an extended period. Prolonged exposure to water may affect the stone's brilliance and the brass's vintage finish.


The Nepal stone cuts used in the aftaba or surahi are natural and hand-cut, and they may show slight variations in color and texture. You should handle the Antique Brass Aftaba/Surahi with Exquisite Nepal Stone Cuts with care to preserve its vintage appeal and protect the delicate stone cuts. While it may be functional for holding incense, the aftaba is primarily intended for decorative purposes. Use it as an artful centerpiece to enhance your space's aesthetic. There is no guarantee of its suitability for specific purposes or usage.

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