Kalagram- An Overview

The vision and mission of the founders of the Chokhi Dhani Group led to the conception of an idea of starting Kalagram- A home to India’s art and craft heritage. After achieving a milestone of enlivening Rajasthani village life and the deep-rooted customs and traditions by way of Chokhi Dhani in the hospitality industry, they gave life to this creative art and craft hub adding a feather to the panache of the colourful turban of Chokhi Dhani Group.

The word Kalagram is derived from two Hindi words- Kala which means art and Gram which means a village. As the name suggests, Kalagram is a hub for everything related to art and here, you can have a dive into the magical and mesmerising world of Indian traditional craftsmanship. Kalagram is a place where you can explore the magnificent history of handicrafts from different parts of the country curated by artisans and craftsman. The house of Kalagram; nestling comfortably in the thriving rich heritage of Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur is nurtured with the sweat and soul of a line of diligent artisans working ceaselessly to make it a blissful experience for you.

Handwork in art-craft is deep-rooted in Indian culture. Kalagram offers more than 10,000 craft types that date back to 5000 years ago. The products are designed as per the urbane taste and conventional crafting techniques. You will find thousands of creative ideas dispersed over the store. Also, there are multiple verities of a single commodity, giving options to different sections of buyers. A vast collection of jewels, boxes, vases, accessories, sculptures and home décor items await you. Also, a good deal of our products is inspired from the Mughal era aesthetics. Kalagram mends the gap between the modish and the traditional, with the help of artisans who are well-versed with the intricacies of wood, metal and thread work. They have had a years-long affair with implementing what modern consumers would like. Buy the uniquely handcrafted items at the most reasonable prices from the house of Kalagram – A symphony of art and craft.

Our variety of handcrafted products are luxuriate in preference and inspired by a gamut of arts like Blue Pottery, Dhokra, Meenakari, Bamboo & Cane craft, Phad Painting, Bidri, Onyx Marble craft, Wooden Carvings, Ceramic art, Kantha Embroidery, Block Printing and much more.

Kalagram- Our vision

Through Kalagram, our aim is to contribute, in our own modest way, towards sustaining our rural artisans and their classic art, a social initiative to support the rich heritage of our country and to nurture our patrons with a thoughtful uniqueness in a world of mass creation.

Kalagram took form in the sincere vision of the management to create a rational progressive integration for the craftsmen. We believe in removing the middlemen and creating a primary transaction flow between the artisans and their patrons.

Envisioned expressly to sustain the unique arts and their distinctive creators and to acquaint people with the delight of witnessing it real-time, Kalagram boasts of an extensive range of handicraft products, providing more than 10000 pieces of the art and craft of incredible India to your doorstep.