“Kalagram” is the logical expansion of the concept of CHOKHI DHANI which gives the visitors an opportunity to take a part of the native Indian artistic splendour to their homes.

If you are at this page, it is certain that you are willing to associate with us but confused about “Why to choose Kalagram over others to make a buy” and your confusion is justified and exists for obvious reasons. When it comes to the “Why” of shopping with us, we would like to put a few things out there which are as follows:

The legacy of Chokhi Dhani-Association with an already established name “Chokhi Dhani” and being an integral part of the creative umbrella of the renowned group, we have the expertise, experience, and mentorship of the stakeholders who believe in and dedicate themselves towards utmost customer satisfaction through the various endeavours.

Kalagram-Working for a noble cause-We work with an objective of identifying, preserving and propagating the traditional arts and crafts of India. With this initiative, we wish to introduce the visitors to the rich heritage of Indian Art & Culture.

Kalagram- One stop shop for everything related to handicrafts– We are a one stop destination facilitating its patrons with traditional crafts, handicrafts from the handlooms curated from all over India under one roof.

A wide-variety of options available-Quality, Uniqueness, and variety of the articles gives you a wide list of options to choose from.

Live handicraft making workshops– When you visit our physical store situated at Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village, Jaipur, you will witness live demonstration by artisans which gives a unique experience and appreciation to the way raw material gets converted into the beautiful art works.

Acquainting youth with the bygone era– The youth is acquainted with the lost techniques of craft making by our artisans who are fully equipped with vintage craft making tools and skills.


A piece of India’s art heritage-When you pick up a piece from Kalagram, you don’t only take a beautiful art piece for your home or a gift for your loved ones, but you also carry sweet memories of the ethnic India with You.

Of the art and the artisans-Last but not the least, we, at Kalagram, are taking a step towards uplifting the interests of, and providing an online platform to the unsung heroes of India from the art and craft fraternity and we want you to come along, join hands with us and we mutually extend it towards them. We consider the following as our moral responsibility towards our team of artisans and craftsman forming a part of the society, and the country as a whole-

Providing a life of dignity and mutual respect to the artisans. The knowledge of the art that they hold is something to be extremely proud of, they also deserve to be respected and have a dignified sense of living.

A source of income for them and their families. A lot of artisans tend to leave the art they are best at doing and do pity-petty jobs in order to earn their livelihood. We want to make such artisans believe that what they hold is a treasure for life that is to be cherished and the best medium for earning.

A never ending exposure through the booming online medium. We aim to manage an online artisan enterprise having its roots strongly implanted in the rural village life of India.

A person of not merely degrees but substance. At Kalagram, a mere piece of paper does not decide the fate of the people who are willing to associate with us and grow together. We agree that degrees and certificates do hold value but to be working effectively at Kalagram, the artisans are not asked to have lucrative degrees from recognised fashion and handicraft institutions. All they need is an expertise in the legacy of their forefathers and a willingness to carry it further to the coming generations.