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1.5 inch meenakari peacock

Meenakari peacock handicraft to add traditional beauty to your living and working spaces In L*B*H 3.2*0.8*1 Size.

10 inch flower pot

Antiquely designed flower vase with turquoise Nepali stone In L*B*H 14*4*10 Size.

12 inch flower pot

Antiquely designed flower vase with pearly cut stone In L*B*H 4.8*4.8*12 Size.

3 inch Golden Lord Buddha Head wooden sculpture

Buddha Head sculpture on wooden base with intricate carving and golden shades In LBH 1.4x1.48x3.4 Size.

3 inch meenakari camel

Rajasthani camel sculpture ideal as a home décor or gifting solution In L*B*H 3.92*1.2*3 Size.

5 inch Ganesha on Singhasan

5 inch Ganesha wearing Pagdi on Royal Chokhi In LBH 6.4X6.4X10.8 Size.

6 plate tea coaster set

Square (3 x 3 inches ) tea coaster set with elephant gem stone painting In L*B*H 3.6*4*2 Size.

6 plate tea coaster set

Square tea coaster set with Bani Thani gem stone painting In L*B*H 3.6*4*2 Size.

6 plate tea coaster set

Round tea coaster set with camel gem stone painting In L*B*H 4*2*3.6 Size.

6 tea coaster set

White soft stone tea coaster set, six coasters, one holder In L*B*H 4.4*4.4*1.88 Size.

6 x 4 inches photo frame

Antique photo frame with Nepali stone work In L*B*H 9.6*7.6*0.1 Size.

Antique Buddha Idol With Gemstone Work

Accents with divine beauty!The Rustic Bejeweled Divine Buddha idol has a high-end feel to it which makes it perfect for luxurious home decor. The beauty of this piece comes from its textures and the play with gold color.The Rustic Bejeweled Divine Table Accent shall work well with natural materials, like wood and brassIt will go well with a monochromic dark decor or for a bold look can be paired with darker backdropsPlace the table accent in different locations every other week to change the look of the space.