Unveiling the Enchantment of the Vintage Brass Teapot with Nepal Cut Stones - A Timeless Blend of Elegance and Craftsmanship

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Chokhi Dhani Kalagram

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Vintage Brass Teapot


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The teapot's main body is expertly crafted from high-quality brass, known for its durability and exceptional heat-retaining properties, making it an ideal material for brewing and serving tea. The Nepal Cut Stones adorning the teapot add an exquisite touch, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and lending an air of sophistication.
Imagine sipping a steaming herbal tea from this Copper Coffee Pot, where tea-making has been perfected over centuries. The Vintage Brass Teapot pays homage to this vibrant tea culture, making it more than just a teapot but a symbol of tradition and tranquillity.
Brewing tea in our Vintage Brass Teapot is an experience like no other. As the copper and brass gently infuse the water, the beneficial properties of these metals are transferred to the tea, adding a distinct flavour and aroma. The teapot's large capacity allows you to brew generous servings of your favourite herbal teas, ensuring that every sip is healthful.
Gift-giving becomes extraordinary when you present our Vintage Brass Teapot with Nepal Cut Stones. Its elegant design and captivating beauty make it a cherished keepsake for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings. The timeless appeal of copper ensures that this gift will stand the test of time, becoming a cherished family heirloom.
Apart from brewing tea, this versatile teapot doubles as a Copper Coffee Pot, serving delightful coffee creations for your morning pick-me-up or after-dinner indulgence. The copper and brass materials enhance the coffee's taste and aroma, taking your coffee experience to a new level.
The Vintage Brass Teapot is a long-term investment that boasts striking aesthetics and excellent durability. The sturdy brass construction ensures that this teapot will serve you for years without losing its charm. Regular use and careful maintenance will only add to its appeal, making it a cherished part of your home décor.
This Vintage Brass Teapot with Nepal Cut Stones is more than just a teapot; it is a symbol of elegance, tradition, and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you're an avid tea lover, seeking a thoughtful Copper Gift, or a coffee enthusiast wanting to elevate your brewing experience, this Copper Brass Kettle offers something unique. Bring home a piece of tea culture and indulge in the splendour of our Vintage Brass Teapot.

Cleaning Instructions

This teapot is not dishwasher-friendly. You will need to wash it with hands using mild dish wash soap and water to clean stains and residue. Refrain from harsh scrubbers or abrasive cleaning materials that may scratch the brass surface or dislodge the Nepal cut stones. After washing, dry the teapot immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and maintain its lustre. Please do not soak the teapot in water or any cleaning solution for prolonged periods, as it may damage the brass and stones. To restore the teapot's brilliance, use a brass cleaner or a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Gently polish the surface with a soft cloth and buff to shine radiantly.


The handcrafted nature of the teapot may result in slight variations in the design, colour, and placement of Nepal cut stones, making each piece unique. This teapot is designed for decorative purposes, not stovetop use or direct contact with an open flame. Exercise caution if using the teapot for warm beverages, as the brass body may become hot to the touch. Nepal cut stones are carefully selected for their beauty and durability but may vary slightly in colour and texture.

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